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4 Fabulous Flagstaff Pizza Joints (& One to Avoid)

Pizza is hard to mess up. But of course some do it better than others, so let’s get down to business. Who has the best pie in Flagstaff?

Where the magic happens at Pizzicletta

Where the magic happens at Pizzicletta

1.  Pizzicletta – 203 W. Phoenix Ave.

In my opinion, this is not only the best pizza in Flagstaff, but as good as anywhere in the state, including Pizzaria Bianco, LGO, The Parlor and so on. Pizzicletta has true Italian style wood burning stove pizza with incredible crust. It’s a tiny spot that only seats 15, with smaller tables for pairs and one large table for a group. They are closed Mondays, and open at 5pm. No reservations.

2. Pizza Furiosa – 2500 S Woodlands Village Blvd.

This place has a unique modern look and offers great fresh pizza. They even have fun events like Scrabble / Family Game Nights on Tuesdays. It’s a fun and social place to take down some serious ‘za.

Pizza Furiosa. Yum!

Pizza Furiosa. Yum!


3. Fratelli Pizza – 119 W Phoenix Ave.

Fratelli’s was known for many years as the best pizza in town and many still feel that way. It’s a good spot for the family, and is just a block away from Pizzicletta, so if you can’t get in to one, go to the other!


4. Oregano’s – 605 Riordan Rd.

I usually don’t recommend a “chain” but this is a smaller local chain, so I’m ONLY recommending it to out of state visitor’s who have never been to Oregano’s before. Oregano’s is great place for the family, with great pizza in both thin and deep dish styles. They also have huge salads, the Big Beefstro and Oregano’s Favorite with chicken are my personal faves, and other traditional Italian fare. Always consistently great food, and don’t forget the skillet baked chocolate chip cookie with ice cream to finish off the night.


Skip This One – Alpine Pizza – 7 N. Leroux St.

Granted, it’s been 5 or 6 years since I’ve been here, but I actually got sick from eating the pizza here, and it didn’t taste great going down either. I wouldn’t have mentioned them (maybe it was a one time thing?), as I try to keep things positive. However, one glance at the reviews on Yelp confirmed my suspicions, this is one of the worst places to get pizza in Flagstaff.  I think they must survive only due to their great downtown location.  Go to Pizzicletta instead!

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