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The 4 Types of People Who Should Never Visit Flagstaff

Actually, everyone should visit Flagstaff.

However, if you are like any of the following 4 types of people I have stereotyped to death, then come with an open mind. The beauty of travel in general is that you get to experience new cultures, new perspectives, and see things of such natural glory that ultimately can make your life a richer experience.

1) The “Big City Lover”


Yes, it’s a “Canyon” but not the kind you will find near Flagstaff

It’s not that you can’t be a big city lover, as I happen to really like the urban environment as much as anybody. But this is reserved for those who can’t appreciate the small town charm, the glory of nature and the freshest of mountain air. Instead of navigating the urban concrete canyons, visit the original, never to be duplicated, Grand Canyon. It’s still doing it’s thing a million years later without one bit of annoying advertising. However, if you can’t slow down, relax and enjoy the simpler things, stay in the rat race and keep that hamster wheel-a-turning.


2) The “Hardcore Republican”

Let’s be honest, Flagstaff is pretty liberal. Especially in contrast to the rest of Arizona. Kind of like Austin and Texas. If you can handle seeing how the other side lives, you can have a really fun time. You will run into your share of hippies, yogis, tree huggers and the like. They don’t bite and they won’t ruin your life or vacation. Flagstaff is one of the friendliest places around, so strike up a conversation, be friendly and enjoy your get-a-way. Of course, you won’t be the only conservative in town, there are many great Republicans in and around Flagstaff, but I doubt Flagstaff will ever host the GOP convention.

3) The “Where is the Bottle Service at the Club D-bag”

If you are looking to “club it up” you are in the wrong place. Keep on going straight to Vegas. Yes, there are some fun and even rowdy bars with lots of different people, the college kids, locals, tourists and more. It’s more “have fun and be fun” than “see and be seen”. There is no such thing as a dress code, and If you wear a tie or high heels even during the workday, people may wonder where you came from. Seriously, wear what you want, but go for comfort and functionality over the need to impress.

4. The “Where is the Mall?” crowd.


Oh look, another sale!

Yes there is an actual mall in Flagstaff, but you will be sadly disappointed if you live in a larger city with new high end shops and want to pick out your new fall wardrobe. There are some fun and cool little shops sprinkled around downtown Flagstaff, with some uniquely FLagstaff items so give those a whirl. Flagstaff is much more about exploring the great outdoors, seeing the natural beauty of the mountains and surroundings. Get out, do something different. Your hometown Mall will be waiting for you when you return.

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