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5 Best [Unique] Coffee Houses in Flagstaff

Perk. Grind. Buzz.

No, that’s not the title of the latest Miley Cyrus song, it’s what happens every day at some of the best coffee shops in Flagstaff Arizona.

If you’ve been to Flagstaff, you already know about the small mountain town charm this place exudes. It’s like an old fashioned outpost where new meets old, where city meets nature, where hip meets hippie. What would a cozy mountain town be without some great places to sip some joe, crack open a book, or socialize with friends?

As I’m no coffee expert, these picks are as much about the unique atmosphere and true Flagstaff experience as they are about the actual coffee. While I like Starbucks, going to a Starbucks in Flagstaff is about as smart as going to McDonald’s your only night in Paris.

1. Macy’s European Coffee House & Bakery – 14 S. Beaver Street

Macy's Eurpean Coffeehouse

Macy’s European Coffee House

If you are allergic to a granola, vegan, yoga or dreadlocks vibe then skip this place. However, it’s interesting regardless of how well you fit in. They do make a mean Chai and have a nice meatless menu…big surprise, right?  Try the egg sandwich with the croissant bun. Dee-lish!  For those looking to use a laptop, the wifi is as flakey as the croissant, just as you would expect from a place that’s all about peace & love, man!


2. Rendezvous Coffee House / Martini Bar – 100 N. San Francisco

Hotel Monte Vista

Rendezvous Coffee House & Martini Bar

If you like people watching, there is no better place in Flagstaff. On the ground level of the famous Hotel Monte Vista, this coffee house has it all. It’s situated on one of the best downtown intersections with interesting people walking by. You never know who you will meet or where they might be from! By day, it’s a charming place to grab some coffee or tea, chat with friends or hop on the laptop to do some work. At night, the mood shifts, as Rendezvous is transformed into a Martini bar with an eclectic mix of young and old patrons.

3. Campus Coffee Bean – 1800 S. Milton

As the name implies this coffee house is close to Northern Arizona University and is the closest to the Flagstaff Rental Cabin on this list. It’s a favorite for students to hang out and study. They have comfortable seating and have a huge selection of teas as well as coffee of course.

4. Late for the Train – 107 N. San Francisco

Just a block away from the Rendezvous, the downtown location is one of 3 around Flagstaff. This one has a nice little patio to enjoy the warmer months.

5. KickStand Kafe – 719 N. Humphreys

The KickStand is comfortable, with leather couches and ample seating. I like the home made breakfast burritos too! It’s located on the way to SnowBowl, so stop in on the way to or from the slopes!

Did I leave any out? What’s your Flagstaff favorite?

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