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Rent My Tesla for a Flagstaff Adventure

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Why not combine a great Flagstaff adventure with being able to test out the amazing Tesla Model S? I’m now offering my Tesla P85 for rental from Phoenix to Flagstaff through Turo. Ask about any discounts if combining both the Tesla and Cabin rental at the same time.   The great part is there are two […]

The New “Must Try” Breakfast Joint in Flagstaff

Darn good Breakfast in Flagstaff

If you are the type that even eats breakfast for dinner, I have a new place you HAVE TO TRY in Flagstaff! It’s called Field House Chicken & Waffles. Funny thing is, I even told the nice waitress that “this might be my new favorite place in Flagstaff” – even before I looked at the […]

UBER Ride Sharing is Coming to Flagstaff! How to Get Your 1st Ride Free

Uber Ride Sharing Car Service now in Flagstaff Arizona

Exciting news in brewing in Flagstaff Arizona! Uber is now available in Flagstaff – Here’s how to get your first ride Free. Wait…What is UBER you ask? Simply put, Uber makes your life better when you need a ride. Think about these scenarios: a night out when you’ve had one too many drinks, when you need […]

Don’t Just Rent My Flagstaff Cabin – Rent My Tesla To Get There!

Phoenix to Flagstaff

Are you flying into Phoenix to get to Flagstaff? Are you dreading getting another boring rental car and the hassle of waiting in all those lines? Or maybe you live in Phoenix and just want a fun Tesla (no gas & Free electricity) to drive the family up to Flagstaff.  Either way, I’ve got you […]

Free Trip to Flagstaff (with purchase of Tesla Electric Sportscar)

Heated Driveway Flagstaff Cabin

I must say no car company has captured my imagination like the Tesla. As the brainchild of Elon Musk, who many consider “the next Steve Jobs,” Tesla has taken the automotive world by storm with it’s ultra popular,  super safe and eco-friendly Model S electric car.  Electric as in it uses NO gas. Yet it […]

What To Do In Flagstaff This December

December events in Flagstaff

December Events in Flagstaff – Things To Do! Arizona Snowbowl is OPEN Snowboarding, Skiing, or just playing in the snow! Come on up and experience a great day in the snow. Yes, if you live in the valley, it’s hard to believe that in a short two hour drive up north to Flagstaff, you can […]

Haunted Halloween Events in Flagstaff


Want to get spooked?  Here are a few places to get in the “spirit” in Flagstaff Arizona. Viola’s Haunted Garden  Oct. 18 & 19, plus Oct. 25 to Nov. 2nd from 7 to 9:30pm This one is for adults and older kids, but they do have a less hair raising version for the little ones. […]

The 4 Types of People Who Should Never Visit Flagstaff

Actually, everyone should visit Flagstaff. However, if you are like any of the following 4 types of people I have stereotyped to death, then come with an open mind. The beauty of travel in general is that you get to experience new cultures, new perspectives, and see things of such natural glory that ultimately can […]

Good Sushi in Flagstaff AZ? Unbelievable But True!

It's just waiting to crawl into your mouth

The Best Sushi in Flagstaff If you get an urge for sushi in Flagstaff AZ, you will be pleasantly surprised that there is actually some deee-lish fish both far & high away from the sea. The only downside is unlike a large city where there might be 10 or 20 great sushi places, in Flagstaff […]

6 Great YouTube Videos That Explore What Flagstaff AZ Is About

If you are looking for some great video on what to expect in Flagstaff, I scoured YouTube to find the very best ones to show you some unique things you can see in or near Flagstaff. Often called the “Gateway to Northern Arizona” Flagstaff is the perfect home base for day trips to all the […]