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Free Trip to Flagstaff (with purchase of Tesla Electric Sportscar)

Heated Driveway Flagstaff Cabin

I must say no car company has captured my imagination like the Tesla. As the brainchild of Elon Musk, who many consider “the next Steve Jobs,” Tesla has taken the automotive world by storm with it’s ultra popular, ¬†super safe and eco-friendly Model S electric car. ¬†Electric as in it uses NO gas. Yet it […]

How The Custom Deck Was Designed At The Flagstaff Rental Cabin

BBQ Grill at Flagstaff Cabin

Since one of the best parts of the Flagstaff Rental Cabin is the back of the cabin it was an easy decision to make a major upgrade when replacing the deck. The old deck, while having a certain old school charm, was worn out, not up to code, and a bit on the small side. […]