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New Cabin Appliances!

In 2010 we have added a new Dishwasher and a new Clothes Dryer to the Cabin.  Both the older units had lived long and productive lives.  May they rest in peace!  However, having modern and efficient appliances is something that we know our renters appreciate so I was happy to upgrade. I was lucky enough […]

Why vacation in Flagstaff Arizona?

Let me tell you, Flagstaff as a destination has a lot to offer. Especially if you live in Phoenix or Tucson, you will really appreciate how much different Flagstaff is, even though it’s just a 2 hour drive from Phoenix. The desert southwest has two seasons, hot and hotter. Go north my friends and you […]

Flagstaff – Gateway to the Grand Canyon!

One of the best things about Flagstaff is its close proximity to the 7th wonder of the world, the Grand Canyon.  Many people come from around the world to see this incredible sight.  What is interesting to me is how many Arizona residents have never even seen it yet.  Probably because it is so close […]