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Don’t Just Rent My Flagstaff Cabin – Rent My Tesla To Get There!

Are you flying into Phoenix to get to Flagstaff?

Are you dreading getting another boring rental car and the hassle of waiting in all those lines?

Or maybe you live in Phoenix and just want a fun Tesla (no gas & Free electricity) to drive the family up to Flagstaff.  Either way, I’ve got you covered.


Rent a Tesla for FlagstaffThere is a new car rental site that is exactly like  AirBnB for car rentals!  It’s called Turo – search cars here.  They have a great selection of cars, SUVs, hybrids, convertibles and more.

In fact, I was so impressed with the service, I put my own Tesla Model S on Turo. This means – if the dates match up – that I could pick you up at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, get you set up in my car, and then let you take it all the way to Flagstaff to use for your trip. You will get the same 5 star service for both car and cabin!  Don’t worry though, you don’t have to use my car if it doesn’t fit your style, pick any car here and experience a whole new way to rent cars.  It’s fun, and a lot more affordable than a regular rental. By renting a vacation rental cabin instead of a boring hotel and a personally owned car instead of a cookie-cutter rental you will really get to experience the booming “sharing economy” that is sweeping the world.

Oh and don’t worry, Turo has the important details like a 1 million dollar commercial insurance policy to help protect both sides if anything goes wrong. See their site for all the juicy details.

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