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Fan offering Peyton Manning his Flagstaff Cabin to sign with Arizona.

One man is going the distance to help Peyton Manning decide not to take his talents to South Beach. Arizona Cardinals fan Steve Sasman is offering up his Flagstaff Rental Cabin for the Manning family to use during Cardinals Training camp. The camp is held annually at the NAU campus in beautiful Flagstaff Arizona.

“I knew Peyton would have a tough decision.  While throwing to Larry Fitzgerald is enticing, we all know Peyton’s main criteria for his big decision is finding good Training Camp lodging.”
Peyton Manning excited about Training camp in Flagstaff

Peyton obviously “determined to find a great Cabin in Flagstaff” (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

The Flagstaff Rental Cabin was tailor made for the Manning family. It has a huge King size fully adjustable bed with massage in the master bedroom for Peyton and his wife Ashley.  The adjustable bed will come in handy as Peyton rests his injury prone neck.  The second bedroom could even be used for his mother and NFL QB father Archie, and the downstairs bedroom has two queen beds for their twin children.

Knowing that this offer will seal the deal for the Cardinals, Sasman refused to take all the credit.  “Look, I’m not going to take credit for single handedly revitalizing the Arizona economy and improving the emotional well being of every Cardinals fan. Even though by bringing Peyton here I’ve probably done more for Arizona sports than Jerry Colangelo, I remain humble”, said Sasman through his press secretary.

Vacation Rental Flagstaff

The Cabin that made Manning a Cardinal

While the Flagstaff vacation rental won’t be avialable for the public to enjoy during training camp 2012, it’s a small price to pay to land the 4 time MVP.  However, Cardinals fans will rejoice in the fact that all future renters at the Flagstaff Rental Cabin will receive a “We’re Number 1”  Foam Finger autographed by Peyton’s daughter.

CBS 5 Interview – Bringing Peyton to Arizona

(Well they finally took down the video of my interview on CBS5  where I talk about the above offer)

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