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New Cabin Appliances!

In 2010 we have added a new Dishwasher and a new Clothes Dryer to the Cabin.  Both the older units had lived long and productive lives.  May they rest in peace!  However, having modern and efficient appliances is something that we know our renters appreciate so I was happy to upgrade.

I was lucky enough to get  a very nice $1000 Dryer at Home Depot in Flagstaff for MUCH less since it was  a floor model and had a scratch on the side that will never even be seen. I do have to give the local Home Depot a lot of credit.  Even though it is a big chain store, at least in Flagstaff, the staff is amazingly helpful.  Not just once but I have been there dozens of times making both small and large improvements to the Flagstaff Vacation Cabin over the years and have always had great help from many different employees.

I think the attitude of  the Flagstaff Home Depot is a credit to the small town Flagstaff atmosphere.  People are friendlier, the pace is slower, and the smiles are quicker than in the big city.  Just one of the reasons Flagstaff is the perfect get-a-way.  Need more reasons?  Visit our previous post about Why Flagstaff?

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