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The 5 Best Places to Binge on Breakfast in Flagstaff

Are you craving a huge coma-inducing breakfast? Or just a cool place to relive the adventures you had in Flagstaff the day & night before?  Here are 5 Flagstaff favorites that are unique and pure “Flag.”  Another thing you may find with any of the places below is hit or miss service. It might be great one day and poor the next. Such is life in a little mountain town. Relax, roll with it and you will leave full & happy! It’s all part of the Flagstaff experience, where I recommend anything except the ordinary.

1) MartAnne’s Breakfast Palace – 10 N. San Francisco Street

If you think the decor is colorful wait till you taste the food!

If you think the decor is colorful wait till you taste the food!

This place is the real deal, and the long lines prove it. If you are in a hurry, go somewhere else on the weekends. But if you have some time, or go during the week, you will be in for a Mexican breakfast feast. The portions are extra large, and the taste is too. The Chilaquiles are amazing. The decor is even more colorful than the photo shows.   Cash only. Yes it’s a pain, but for food this good, who cares?

2) Mike & Ronda’s The Place – 21 S. Milton Rd.

The Place is where to go if you like biscuits and gravy. They are huge! They are great with gravy, but even better with honey or jam and butter. Not fancy or really healthy, this is your typical breakfast diner experience. You can even pull up to the “bar” and watch the crew do their thing, read the paper and sip some hot joe. There is a big room in the back for families and groups. This is the closest to the Flagstaff Rental Cabin on the south side of town if you are in need of an immediate food fix.

3) Downtown Diner – 7 E. Aspen Ave.

Get down to business at this Diner

Get down to business at this Diner

Since we went with the Diner theme once, let’s do it again. This time it’s in the heart of downtown Flagstaff. Once again, typical diner fare: eggs any way you want, pancakes, french toast, bacon and sausage.  Not fancy, just good in a greasy spoon kind of way. It has a relaxed atmosphere, and if you’re expecting a brand new sparkling clean place this isn’t it. Character and charm will have to do in this great little spot across from Heritage Square in Flagstaff.

4) The Northern Pines – 2200 E. Butler Ave.

One of the nicest interiors, and great breakfast too.

One of the nicest interiors, and great breakfast too.

Try the Cinnamon Roll French Toast. Yea, it’s as good as it sounds. Even though this place is oddly attached to the Days Inn, it’s a separate business, so don’t be shy – once you walk in you won’t be disappointed.

5) La Bellavia – 18 S. Beaver St.

This cute little spot is right next to Macy’s Coffee House, another Flagstaff favorite. Hint: Hit them both and scratch them off your Flagstaff bucket list. One of their specialties are the Swedish oat pancakes which are great if you are headed out for a long hike or other outdoor activity. Or just want to crash on the couch. Binging has it’s benefits.

What’s your favorite Flagstaff breakfast?

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