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Why vacation in Flagstaff Arizona?

Let me tell you, Flagstaff as a destination has a lot to offer. Especially if you live in Phoenix or Tucson, you will really appreciate how much different Flagstaff is, even though it’s just a 2 hour drive from Phoenix. The desert southwest has two seasons, hot and hotter. Go north my friends and you will see a full bouquet of seasons. Flagstaff is about 30 degrees cooler in the summer, and can have tons of snow in the winter. Plus the clean fresh smell of Pine trees is not something you will soon forget.  Flag, as the locals call it, is a big change of pace, and a whole different attitude.

Downtown Flagstaff

(Photo courtesy of searchnetmedia)

Flagstaff is a small, charming city. It’s the home of Northern Arizona University, so it’s got a youthful energy with lots of friendly people.  Do you like to shop for interesting art or one-of-a-kind items? It’s got you covered there. Me personally, I am more into interesting food!  Luckily, Flagstaff has some great local restaurants like Karma Sushi, Beaver Street Brewery, and Josephine’s. I know what you are thinking.  Flagstaff for sushi? Yes, Karma has sushi that rivals any in Phoenix, it’s amazing!  The Downtown Diner or The Place are perfect for some good ole breakfast.

The outdoor activities are amazing in Flagstaff. In the summer, you have mountain biking, fishing, hiking galore, and much more. In the winter, you have the best skiing and snowboarding in the state at Snow Bowl, which is just a few miles outside of town.  Are you like some in Phoenix who just want to see some snow for once?  Flagstaff is your place!  The winter of 2009 had 3 and 5 foot drifts of snow several times last year. Additionally, for the really skilled outdoor enthusiasts, there are several sledding hills!  There is even one near the entrance of Kachina Village and almost within sight of the Flagstaff Rental Cabin if it were not for all the trees.

Nearby Flagstaff you have beautiful Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon.  And to the north, there is that little attraction called the Grand Canyon.  It’s a short 90 minute drive from Flagstaff.  Heck, just driving to Flagstaff from Phoenix through Sedona is pure visual bliss.  If you haven’t been to Flagstaff, you are missing out on one of Arizona’s best kept vacation secret.

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