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Good Sushi in Flagstaff AZ? Unbelievable But True!

The Best Sushi in Flagstaff If you get an urge for sushi in Flagstaff AZ, you will be pleasantly surprised that there is actually some deee-lish fish both far & high away from the sea. The only downside is unlike a large city where there might be 10 or 20 great sushi places, in Flagstaff […]

6 Great YouTube Videos That Explore What Flagstaff AZ Is About

If you are looking for some great video on what to expect in Flagstaff, I scoured YouTube to find the very best ones to show you some unique things you can see in or near Flagstaff. Often called the “Gateway to Northern Arizona” Flagstaff is the perfect home base for day trips to all the […]

4 Fabulous Flagstaff Pizza Joints (& One to Avoid)

Pizza is hard to mess up. But of course some do it better than others, so let’s get down to business. Who has the best pie in Flagstaff? 1.  Pizzicletta – 203 W. Phoenix Ave. In my opinion, this is not only the best pizza in Flagstaff, but as good as anywhere in the state, […]

How The Custom Deck Was Designed At The Flagstaff Rental Cabin

BBQ Grill at Flagstaff Cabin

Since one of the best parts of the Flagstaff Rental Cabin is the back of the cabin it was an easy decision to make a major upgrade when replacing the deck. The old deck, while having a certain old school charm, was worn out, not up to code, and a bit on the small side. […]

The 5 Best Places to Binge on Breakfast in Flagstaff

Are you craving a huge coma-inducing breakfast? Or just a cool place to relive the adventures you had in Flagstaff the day & night before?  Here are 5 Flagstaff favorites that are unique and pure “Flag.”  Another thing you may find with any of the places below is hit or miss service. It might be […]

5 Best [Unique] Coffee Houses in Flagstaff

Perk. Grind. Buzz. No, that’s not the title of the latest Miley Cyrus song, it’s what happens every day at some of the best coffee shops in Flagstaff Arizona. If you’ve been to Flagstaff, you already know about the small mountain town charm this place exudes. It’s like an old fashioned outpost where new meets […]

What To Do In Flagstaff In October

Ahhhh, Flagstaff in October. The cool crisp air. The kaleidoscope of fall colors. Come on up for a memorable get-away from the everyday. Events: First Friday Artwalk 10/4/2013 Downtown Flagstaff comes to life with the buzz of people from all over the world enjoying culture, cocktails and camaraderie. Big Band Jazz Concert 10/15/2013 Steve Vai  10/23/2013 […]

Why visit Flagstaff Arizona? Watch this…

Flagstaff Arizona Promotional Video from Tim Novotney on Vimeo. This is a great video that beautifully shows what Flagstaff has to offer and why it’s one of the most unique places in Arizona. While most of it was shot in the summer and fall, the video misses out a bit on the winter wonderland aspect […]

Flagstaff’s own “Cabin in the Woods!”

Have you seen the movie Cabin in the Woods?  OMG it’s Scary! I can’t give it away, but trust me, it’s a doozy!  It’s so freaky that I’m a bit worried it’s going to scare off all the people that want to rent the Flagstaff Rental Cabin.  So I beg of you:  DON’T SEE “Cabin […]

Fan offering Peyton Manning his Flagstaff Cabin to sign with Arizona.

One man is going the distance to help Peyton Manning decide not to take his talents to South Beach. Arizona Cardinals fan Steve Sasman is offering up his Flagstaff Rental Cabin for the Manning family to use during Cardinals Training camp. The camp is held annually at the NAU campus in beautiful Flagstaff Arizona. “I knew Peyton […]