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UBER Ride Sharing is Coming to Flagstaff! How to Get Your 1st Ride Free

Exciting news in brewing in Flagstaff Arizona!

Uber is now available in Flagstaff – Here’s how to get your first ride Free.

Uber Ride Sharing Car Service now in Flagstaff Arizona

Uber Ride Sharing Car Service now in Flagstaff

Wait…What is UBER you ask?

Simply put, Uber makes your life better when you need a ride. Think about these scenarios: a night out when you’ve had one too many drinks, when you need a ride to the airport, or if you share one car with multiple people and need a ride NOW.

Your typical Taxi experience involves looking up a phone number, calling a dispatcher, finally stepping into a smelly cab and then getting the run around about “my credit machine is broken, you have to pay cash.”

Contrast that with Uber where you simply tap a button on the Uber smartphone app and a driver appears minutes later ready to take you away. Getting out of the car is even easier. There is NO exchange of money and no tip required. Why? Because the Uber App has your credit card on file and charges you for the trip automatically so you can get on with your life. Easy peasy!

How to get your first Uber ride for FREE

To sign up for Uber, simply download the app on your iPhone or Android phone, set up your account and you are all set.

Use the PROMO CODE uberMyTesla to get your first ride FREE (new customers only up to $20)  You can put in the code as soon as you download the app, and it will be there for you whenever you are ready to ride!

Whether you are a resident of Flagstaff and just need the occasional ride or are coming up to stay at the Flagstaff Rental Cabin for a week of relaxation and fun, Uber can help you get to where you need to go. Quickly, safely and in style.  If you want to experience the nightlife of downtown Flagstaff by visiting some of the great new places like The McMillan or an old standby like the Rendezvous, Uber is the way to go. Especially if you don’t want to worry about driving.  And remember, spending $10 or $20 on an Uber ride is a lot better than driving drunk and risking your life or getting a DUI which will cost you about $10,000.

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  1. how can i get my first free ride w/o the app?

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