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6 Great YouTube Videos That Explore What Flagstaff AZ Is About

If you are looking for some great video on what to expect in Flagstaff, I scoured YouTube to find the very best ones to show you some unique things you can see in or near Flagstaff. Often called the “Gateway to Northern Arizona” Flagstaff is the perfect home base for day trips to all the world famous attractions like the Grand Canyon, as well as lesser know gems like some of the videos below showcase.

The “Chamber Of Commerce” Flagstaff Video

Here is one from the Flagstaff Convention and Visitors Bureau for a general overview of Flagstaff.


Phoenix to Flagstaff in 2.5 Minutes

As many Flagstaff visitors make the 2 hour trek up from Phoenix, here is what it looks like in just 2.5 minutes.  I’ve made this trip many times myself – I only wish it was 2.5 minutes in real life. But then again, if it were that easy Flagstaff wouldn’t be quite as special as it is.


Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course

Here is the new Flagstaff Extreme Course that is just a couple of miles from the Flagstaff Rental Cabin. Where else can you conquer an obstacle course and zip lines 60 feet in the air between Ponderosa Pine trees?


Winter Sledding at Wing Mountain Snow Play Area

Want to get a taste of some of the winter sledding in Flagstaff? Here you go! Although it seems like the adult may have had more fun than his kids. This is one of several snow play areas in and around Flagstaff.


Bearizona Wildlife Park in Williams, 40 miles west of Flagstaff

This unique park lets you literally drive your car among Buffalo, Black Bears, Wolves, Big Horn Sheep and more wildlife living in it’s natural habitat. Quite an experience for the entire family.


Flagstaff First Friday Art Walk

The first Friday of every month is the where the celebration of art happens in downtown Flagstaff. It’s also become one of the liveliest nights to feel the local flavor and community of Flagstaff. Everyone is happy, having a good time, mingling in between exhibits, restaurants, bars and local shops.


Is Flagstaff what you thought or did any of these videos surprise you?

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