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New BBQ Grill at the Flagstaff Vacation Cabin

A deck without a good BBQ Grill is kind of like a bowl of plastic fruit.  It might look good, but where the heck is the flavor?  There is nothing like a relaxing evening with some tasty BBQ on the grill with a cool breeze while sitting on the deck.  Maybe a glass of wine and some good conversation tops off the setting.

BBQ Grill at the Flagstaff Cabin What are you going to BBQ?  Some traditional Hamburgers and Hotdogs?  What about some savory Salmon?  Roast some veggies and corn on the cob?   Wow, my mouth is watering already!

BBQ Grill and Table on the Deck

A great deck and BBQ Grill is one of the reasons why a Flagstaff Vacation Cabin will be a much more unique and memorable vacation than staying in a Hotel.  Most hotels are like McDonalds.  They are the same everywhere and have no soul, no character.  At a Rental Cabin, you get to enjoy an amazing area like Flagstaff the way it was ment to be discovered and explored.

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